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Roche Legal has been invited to appear as an expert in the inaugural Law and Justice Edition of The Parliamentary Review, showcasing our best practice as a learning tool to peers and policy makers. The key idea is to demonstrate how determined leadership and innovative thinking can turn around law firms or institutions and to highlight how organisations/individuals have become outstanding leaders in their field. The contributors thus act as a template for reform.

Last year saw Philip Hammond, Chris Grayling and a number of Cabinet & senior ministers participate in the Review along with numerous other leading officials from a variety of different industries.

The Review has separate editions based on key policy areas. E.g. Technology, Manufacturing, Finance etc…The Law and Justice document, which will also be headed-up by Philip Hammond, will consist of a review of the year in law and Westminster with a number of contributing articles from leading executives within the legal profession.

It will be sent out to over 35,000 leading policymakers including MPs, Peers at the House of Lords, relevant figures at the Ministry of Justice, the HM Courts and Tribunal Service, the Law Society, the Bar Association, partners at law practices, leading solicitors and actuaries, as well as executives at leading businesses within finance, construction and property.

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