Project Description

Case Study

Concern about immediate risks associated with illness or injury requiring hospitalisation

We see clients of all ages and at all stages of their lives, but what happens if you, or a loved one, are in hospital?

Whether it is a general admission that has simply brought home the need for affairs to be put in order, or an emergency situation where a person’s life expectancy is in serious question, we are always prepared to visit clients in hospital.

Action taken

Urgent appointment at hospital and preparation of Wills ‘on the spot’ if required.


Peace of mind for clients and families, knowing that all affairs are in order.

How this helped

Provided that a person is sufficiently well to provide instructions and understands what they are signing, then they are able to make and sign a valid Will. Using our experience of these situations, we will assess each person individually and will ensure that they have sufficient mental capacity to put the Will in place.

This is still possible, even if the client is physically unable to sign due to restricted mobility – provided that they have capacity and are able to instruct someone to sign on their behalf.

This requires a special clause to be inserted, but that is something that we are happy to do for clients should it be necessary. On several occasions we have prepared a Will for signature at the hospital to ensure that everything is in place immediately for the client.

This flexibility, we believe, can give immediate comfort to our client who knows that their wishes at this difficult time are not only understood but have been written down and included in a Will. If the client subsequently recovers and is released from hospital, then they are safe in the knowledge that their affairs have already been put in order allowing them to concentrate on getting well.

However, if the client passes away in hospital, then matters for their surviving loved ones are made much simpler by the presence of a valid Will. Whatever your circumstances, if you want to make, update or change your Will just get in touch and we will be able to discuss your situation and prepare the right Will for you.

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