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DIY Wills whats the danger?

There seem to be an increasing number of “at home” or DIY Will Kits available – they are on the shelves of most stationary stores and some mortgage and life insurance companies even send one to new customers with their policies. So, what’s the harm in DIY Wills? Isn’t it just as good as using …

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Helping York be ‘Heart Safe’

Update – Roche Legal has now been informed that the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (“YAS”) has secured an extension to the website until 31 August 2015! This gives two extra months for as many local businesses in and around York who already have a defibrillator machine on their premises to log this with YAS. Roche …

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Searching for Missing Heirs

With an increasing number of television shows such as Heir Hunters and Long Lost Family being broadcast, finding missing beneficiaries has been brought very much into the public eye.  We receive a number of queries asking us how to track down beneficiaries named in Wills, if the person tracing them doesn’t know who they are, …

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