Applications for Deputyship

If someone close to you is struggling to make decisions for themselves due to advancing age, illness or an accident, you may need to consider stepping in on their behalf. The Court of Protection may be able to grant you the legal right to do this.

You can apply for permission to make a specific decision for the person in question, perhaps about moving into a care home, dealing with their finances, or undergoing medical treatment. Alternatively, you can apply to become their deputy, which would mean you were able to make almost all necessary decisions on their behalf.

Who has the right to be appointed deputy will depend on the individual circumstances of each case. Usually a close family member will fulfil this role, but friends or even professionals, such as solicitors, can also act in this capacity. It may be appropriate for a solicitor to act as a deputy in cases where the individual has no immediate family, or where there is a disagreement about who should take on the role.

If you are concerned about an individual close to you and whether they are still able to manage their affairs independently, please get in touch. We will be able to answer your questions about becoming a deputy, explain the workings of the Court of Protection and support you in making an application.

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