Managing Affairs Service

Some elderly and vulnerable people find it difficult to keep on top of their personal and financial affairs. This may be due to health or memory problems, or can be due to not being familiar with new technologies.

This aspect of care can also be hard for people who are responsible for elderly and vulnerable family members, as they may not have time to take on these additional responsibilities themselves.

Roche Legal offers a comprehensive managing affairs service to help make things simpler for everyone involved.

Who can use this service?

This service is primarily designed for elderly and vulnerable individuals and their families. However, we’re available to support anyone who feels they would benefit from our help in this way.

Many of the elderly and vulnerable clients we support have chosen to work with us directly. In other cases, we have been appointed by family members who need extra support with their caring responsibilities.

We can act in an official capacity if you have chosen to name Roche Legal as a professional attorney in a Lasting Power of Attorney document or if we have been appointed as a professional deputy in a Court of Protection order.

We can also support you in a more unofficial capacity if you are finding it difficult to manage your own affairs, or those of someone for whom you are an attorney or deputy.

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What tasks can we take on?

Roche Legal can help with a wide range of tasks. These typically fall under the category of financial affairs, but we are also able to support our clients with tasks relating to health, property and other ‘life admin.’

This could include:

  • Managing bank accounts
  • Paying bills
  • Pension administration
  • Managing investments
  • Organising phone and utility contracts
  • Dealing with HMRC
  • Applying for and claiming benefits
  • Setting up and managing direct debits
  • Paying carers and household staff
  • Managing care home fees
  • Arranging motability vehicle purchases and other mobility home improvements
  • Booking travel and holidays

We also have experience of assisting clients and/or their families with a move into residential care, including working with other professionals to source a suitable care home, selling and clearing any property and all related tasks, and working with financial advisors to organise and simplify financial arrangements, and make appropriate investments to finance care home fees.

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We have a great deal of experience working with elderly and vulnerable clients and our specialist solicitors are full accredited members of Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE).

Why choose a specialist solicitor?

When choosing a professional to help manage your personal affairs, your priority will be to find someone you can trust completely. As qualified and regulated professionals, we believe Roche Legal is perfectly placed to offer a high-quality, confidential service with understanding, empathy and sensitivity.

Frequently asked questions

Managing Affairs Service Fees

Our Managing Affairs Service is charge by the hour and invoice for all work completed on a monthly basis.

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