Paperwork Auditing for Vulnerable or Elderly People

We understand just how difficult it can be to care for an elderly or vulnerable relative. If you’re supporting a relative with financial matters, or if you’ve been appointed as their attorney or deputy, you may be feeling overwhelmed by what the role entails.

You and your relative may also benefit from a helping hand if your loved one is preparing for a move, whether that’s to a new house, sheltered accommodation or a care home.

How the paperwork audit works

1. Collect all paperwork required

Our team can help you to organise and make sense of your relative’s paperwork and finances. We can visit you or your family member at home and sort through all their financial and legal paperwork.

2. Review all paperwork

Through this process, we’ll make sure that all bills are up to date and that nothing important has been missed.

3. Create an information pack

We’ll create a binder containing all the information you’ll need to keep your relative’s affairs in order. This will include details about bank and savings accounts, utility suppliers and insurance providers, as well as a list of emergency contacts for the individual in question.

What we review

Bank statements.
Statements for stocks, bonds and annuities.
Credit card statements and utility bills.
Property deeds.
Rental agreements.
Insurance policies.
Wills and Living Wills.
Lasting Powers of Attorney.
Unopened letters.
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Our free ebook. Caring for an Elderly Relative covers everything you need to know about the legal and financial responsibilities of caring for a loved one.

Other ways we can help

When you’re responsible for an elderly or vulnerable relative, you’ll want to ensure you’ve safeguarded their legal and financial interests as much as possible. In addition to auditing and organising their paperwork, there are other ways we can help. These Include

Telephone preference service

Registering your relative’s phone number on the telephone preference service to help limit the number of unsolicited phone calls they receive.

Legal documentation

Ensuring that legal documents such as their Will or Lasting Powers of Attorney are valid and up to date.

Finance & banking

Supporting you to acquire a third party mandate from their bank which will enable you to manage their account on their behalf.

Important dates & deadlines

Drawing up a list of key dates for your relative, including due dates for bill payments, their tax return and insurance renewals, as well as more day-to-day concerns such as when carers are expected

Get the legal advice you need

Dealing with legal issues can be confusing and stressful. We understand this, and we’re always on hand to untangle jargon and offer support.

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