Solicitors for the Elderly

We specialise in offering legal services for elderly individuals. Our full range of later life planning services includes Wills, Powers of Attorneyestate planning, advice about inheritance tax and trusts, and applications to the Court of Protection. Whatever you need, please get in touch. We will do the very best we can to help.

Making a Will

A Will is a very important document. It allows you to formally decide what will happen to your money, property and possessions after your death.

When you make a Will you’ll be able to appoint executors to administer your estate, set out your wishes for your funeral, and bequeath gifts to your loved ones and charitable organisations.

Making a Will can help to avoid your money being passed on to individuals you wouldn’t have chosen, can direct your assets away from nursing home fees, and can ensure your family won’t pay more inheritance tax than they need to.

Making a living Will

Some people choose to work with their solicitor to make what is known as a living Will. This is a common name for a type of document called advance decisions and advance statements. These documents allow you to set out at what stage and in what circumstances you would wish to refuse medical or life sustaining treatment.

A living Will may be ideal if you are concerned about your loved ones knowing what your wishes are should you no longer be able to communicate them.

We can advise you on all the considerations of a living Will and help you to decide whether it’s right for you, or whether a Lasting Power of Attorney may be more appropriate.

Wills in braille, large print & easy read

Some of our clients may find it difficult to read legal documents due to visual impairments. If this is a concern for you, please let us know. We can produce information in braille, large print, audio files or easy read.

Please also be assured that we produce these documents with your privacy in mind. We use the ISO approved secure production unit provided by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNID).

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a document that allows you to appoint a representative (or group of representatives) to act on your behalf should you no longer be medically able to make decisions for yourself.

You can choose to make a Lasting Power of Attorney to cover decisions about the health care you receive and/or your financial affairs. We will work with you to get all the necessary documents in place so that your chosen representatives will be able to ensure you are cared for in the way you would’ve chosen.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions with regards to solicitors for the elderly and we will be more than happy to help you further.

Get the legal advice you need

Our solicitors will always be happy to discuss your legal needs with you. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about Trusts and Tax Planning and our specialist trust solicitors will be more than happy to help you. 

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