Making Changes to Your Lasting Power of Attorney

When you write a Lasting Power of Attorney, you’ll need to name specific people to act as your attorneys. Should you become unable to manage your affairs in the future, these named individuals will have the legal power to make decisions on your behalf.

Removing an attorney from a Lasting Power of Attorney

Factors such as divorce, illness or a disagreement could mean that someone you appointed as your attorney would no longer be able to act in your best interest. If this is the case, you may be able to formally remove them from the document.

You can remove an attorney from an Lasting Power of Attorney with a Deed of Partial Revocation.

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Deed of Partial Revocation

This document will revoke a specific named person’s power to act on your behalf without affecting the rest of the document and the powers of the other named attorneys.

In order for a Deed of Partial Revocation to be valid, it must be lodged with the Office of the Public Guardian along with the original Lasting Power of Attorney document and all existing certified copies.

Can you make other changes to named attorneys?

It’s not possible to add an Attorney to a Lasting Power of Attorney once it’s been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. You are also unable to completely change the list of named Attorneys, for example by removing some and adding others.

If you do need to make significant changes to the attorneys you have appointed in a Lasting Power of Attorney, the best course of action is likely to be to revoke the current document in full and make a new one.

Whatever the circumstances with your current attorneys, our expert solicitors will be able to advise you on the options available to you.

Making a change to your Lasting Power of Attorney

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