Legal Services for Lawyers

We work routinely with other lawyers and have a range of services available to help you and your clients. We can either work directly with you, or we can liaise with with your client, whichever works best in the circumstances.

We can help with all manner of private client legal matters, including…

Wills & Probate

Protect the future of your clients’ family, possessions and help them decide what should happen after their death.

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Power of attorney

Appoint someone to make decisions should your client become unable make their own decisions in the future.

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Court of Protection

You may need the Court of Protection when your client can no longer manage on their own.

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Missing Persons Law

If someone has been missing for a period of time, you may need to get a Declaration of Presumed Death to deal with their affairs.

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English Grants of Administration

We also specialise in helping lawyers outside England and Wales when dealing with the succession of someone who has died.

We can deal with all the legal formalities required to access, sell or transfer assets here in England and Wales.

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