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What to do When Someone Dies: a guide to your legal responsibilities



What the book covers

When someone close to you dies you have a number of legal responsibilities. Managing these responsibilities can be daunting, especially at such an emotionally difficult time.

Here you’ll find almost all the information you’ll need during the first weeks and months.

  • Your first priorities – There are a lot of practical things that need to be done. There isn’t a set order to do them in, but most will need to be sorted out within the first few days.
  • How to register the death – All deaths need to be officially recorded on the register of births, deaths and marriages. This has to be done within a certain time frame. Our guide explains the procedure for you.
  • How to deal with the Will – Our guide explains all the legal documentation you’ll need to deal with the Will of the person who died.
  • How to get Probate – Learn about how to get a Grant of Probate, or, if there isn’t a Will, learn about how you can be issued with a document called a Grant of Administration.

About The Author

Rachel Roche is a specialist private client solicitor with a great deal of experience in supporting families who are caring for elderly relatives. Along with the Roche Legal team, Rachel provides carers with expert guidance on the sensitive issues the come up during this time, including planning their relative’s future and managing their estate.

These are often very complex issues and Rachel and her team are well versed in providing practical solutions and demystifying legal jargon.