Review Your Will

In most cases, a Will is an evolving document that will change over time. This is especially true if you have written a Will earlier in life to protect against the unexpected.

Experts recommend that you review your Will with a solicitor every two to five years. This is necessary to make sure:

  • Your Will still reflects your wishes.

  • Your Will adequately reflects the size of your estate.
  • Your Will is still legally sound and hasn’t been affected by any new legislation.
  • Your Will hasn’t been invalidated by any life changes (such as a marriage or divorce).

How does the review work?

  • Send a copy of your Will to us.
  • We will review your Will.

  • We’ll make comments and suggestions.
  • Our Will Review Reports are very comprehensive.

If we find you need to make some changes, we will let you know and then you can decide what to do. We will confirm our fixed fee to you upon receiving your Will, which we usually request by email.

We’re only able to review professionally drafted Wills and cannot accept homemade Wills or Wills made using a Will Pack from a stationer.

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