Ten Minute Complimentary Consultation

Instructing a solicitor doesn’t have to be complicated. We offer a complimentary ten minute telephone consultation to make sure we’re a good fit.

This is suitable for you whether you require help with a legal matter, are thinking about planning for the future, or want to understand how a change in circumstances might affect your existing plans.

During the ten minute complimentary consultation, we’ll cover:

Whether it’s a matter we can help with.
What steps will need to be taken.
How much it will cost.

The consultation does not cover:

Answers to legal questions.
Legal advice.

We will provide you with as much information as we can on the call, or in a follow up email, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you’d like to proceed. We can’t give specific legal advice during the consultation though because at this point, you’re not signed up, we haven’t agreed the scope of the legal work you need and you’re not covered by our professional indemnity insurance.

If we decide to proceed after the consultation, we can then arrange a follow-up full instruction meeting to obtain complete details and advise you in relation to your matter. This further meeting can be over the telephone, by videocall or in person. Just so you know, before we start work after the initial appointment, we will ask you for payment on account for all or part of our fees. We will give you more information about how and when to pay later.

How it works?

Simply book using the forms below.

If for any reason you can’t make the appointment once scheduled, that’s Ok, but you’ll lose your free consultation privilege and there will be a £50 plus VAT (£60) charge for the next consultation.