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What to do when someone dies

A guide to your legal responsibilities

When someone close to you dies you have a number of legal responsibilities. Managing these responsibilities can be daunting, especially at such an emotionally difficult time.

We have created a free downloadable ebook which has been put together as a guide to help you understand what you need to do following a death.

Here you’ll find almost all the information you’ll need during the first weeks and months.

Also included in this ebook is:

  • Your first priorities
  • How to register the death
  • Telling people and your legal responsibilities
  • How to deal with the Will
  • How to get Probate

Plus much more! Complete the form to download your free copy of the ebook today.

Download your free ebook

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A lifeline guide at a time when you most need it.

Quite simply a lifeline, this booklet has proven to be invaluable in helping my family get through what is a very difficult time. A comprehensive and well detailed guide to what to do when someone dies is written in a clear and concise format and delivers exactly what it promises, I quite simply couldn’t have managed without it – an essential toolkit for anyone tasked with sorting out matters following someone’s death.

Jill R

Clear and simple advice.

This guide was easy to understand, clearly written and extremely valuable when dealing with the practical aspects of the death of a very close friend. Any ‘legal jargon’ is helpfully explained. Not only did it answer all my questions about dealing with someone’s estate, it also brought up very important aspects which I had not even thought about. This is not a very big book, but the bite-sized subjects covered all I needed to know in a short space of time.

S Burton

Easy to read and understand

A clear and concise book, explaining everything you need to know. Worth reading!

Clare Dowding