Case Studies


UK clients moving abroad and being concerned about dying away from UK

We help clients who no longer live in the UK, or who are planning to move abroad and we recently acted for a couple who have property in Italy and intended to make this their permanent home.

We provided legal advice in relation to the EU Succession Regulation as well as the preparation of Wills incorporating a choice of which country’s law would apply to their estates.

Concern about a loved one’s finances once they are in a Care Home

We help clients obtain a Deputy Order for when a relative is going to live in a care home. You can apply to become someone’s deputy if they ‘lack mental capacity’.

This means they can’t make a decision for themselves at the time it needs to be made or they may still be able to make decisions for themselves at certain times.

Concern about immediate risks associated with illness or injury requiring hospitalisation

We see clients of all ages and at all stages of their lives, but what happens if you, or a loved one, are in hospital?

Whether it is a general admission or an emergency situation where a person’s life expectancy is in serious question, we are always prepared to visit clients in hospital.

Concern about who will care for children if both parents die

Our clients have different perspectives on making a Will and how they feel about doing so. Perhaps the most difficult time for people to make a Will is when they are expecting or have recently welcomed their first child.

Thinking about leaving the new baby without one or both of its parents is a very emotional matter and not one that people like to dwell on.