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An asset log is a personal record of all your assets, including bank accounts, property, shares and digital accounts. It’s not a legal document, but can be very useful to complete and set aside for your loved ones in case the unexpected should happen.

My Asset log

Download a free printable asset log to fill in at home. This is designed to record traditional assets such as bank accounts, property, mortgage details and shares.

My digital asset log

Download a free printable digital asset log to fill in at home. This is designed to record digital assets such as websites, social media accounts, digital currencies, digital files and gaming accounts.

Why keep track of your assets

Putting together a comprehensive log of all your assets can be a very helpful exercise. Not only will this enable you to have all your information close at hand should you need it, an asset log can also be very helpful for your loved ones.

When a close family member dies or becomes very unwell, it can take time to evaluate their assets. An asset log can make this task much easier, leaving your family members able to deal with your assets according to your wishes.

Asset Logs 2

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