Help for divorce lawyers

Help for Divorce Lawyers: Supporting Clients to Reconsider Future Plans

In the midst of overwhelming changes, newly divorced individuals often don’t think about ensuring they have their legal affairs in order in terms of future planning. If you are a legal professional who supports clients through the divorce or dissolution process, you might wish to highlight the following considerations to your clients as part of your support package.


Help for Accountants: Supporting Clients in an Executor Role

A trusted accountant is often one of the first professionals an individual will turn to when they take on the role of executor. This is especially the case if the accountant had first-hand knowledge of how the person who has died managed their finances. Support with assessing and understanding the finances of an estate can be extremely valuable.

What Happens to Cryptocurrencies After Death? 1

What Happens to Cryptocurrencies After Death?

As digital technology develops, it’s becoming more and more important for executors to understand that assets can now take very different forms than they might be used to. One of the key ways this manifests is with the issue of cryptocurrency.

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How Valuable Are Your Digital Assets?

As the world changes, so does the nature of the footprint we leave on it. Many of us now spend significant parts of our lives online, whether working, socialising or unwinding. Because of this, it’s becoming more common…

What Rights Does Your Next of Kin Have? 3

What Rights Does Your Next of Kin Have?

A ‘next of kin’ is a traditional term which typically refers to a person’s closest relative. There’s a lot of confusion around the term as it’s generally thought to hold more legal standing than it does. Many people believe…