Court of Protection

The Court of Protection offers a legal safety net for those who no longer have the mental capacity to manage on their own. This may be due to an illness such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or it may be as a result of a developmental condition or brain injury.

If someone close to you has become unable to make important decisions for themselves, it may be time to step in. We can support you in making an application to the Court of Protection, whether you want to:

  • Apply to act as a deputy
  • Ask Roche Legal to act as a deputy
  • Apply for permission to make a specific decision
  • Request that a Statutory Will is made on behalf of someone who is no longer able to
  • Appeal against a decision a deputy has made
  • Contest an application for deputy made by someone else
  • Submit a rival application to become a deputy

How we can help with Court of Protection applications

Other Legal Advice

Start a deputy application

If someone close to you is struggling to make decisions for themselves, the Court of Protection may be able to grant you the legal right to make decisions on their behalf.

Court of Protection

Apply to make a Statutory Will

Unfortunately, not everyone makes a Will in time. Learn more about what to do if someone close to you is no longer able to write a Will for themselves.

Trusts & Tax Planning

Court of Protection disagreements

If you are involved in a disagreement about a Court of Protection application for deputy, or if you have concerns about how the affairs of someone close to you are being managed, we can help.

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