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Court of Protection can get them the legal support they need

When someone is unable manage on their own, you might need to apply to the Court of Protection to become a ‘Deputy’ for them – or for permission to make a specific decision for them, about their finances or health affairs.

Who can be a Deputy depends on the individual case, and can be family member or friend as well as a professional, such as a solicitor.

If you have any questions about becoming a Deputy, or about the Court of Protection, or if you are concerned that a family member may need help managing their affairs, please get in touch so that we can help you make the right decisions for them. We can talk things over for you initially, for no charge.


Contested Applications at the Court of Protection

We have experience in successfully defending complex contested applications for Deputyship at the Court of Protection.

If you have made an application to be a Deputy for a loved one, which is being contested by someone who does not agree with it, we can explain the process and advise you on what the Court look for when making decisions.

We may also be able to help if you disagree with an application and have received notice of it as an interested party.

We can also accompany and advise you at any hearing, if required.

Are you already acting as a Deputy?

If you are already a Deputy for someone and need support in this role, we can guide you throughout to make sure that you’re fulfilling your legal obligations.


What is a Statutory Will?

A Statutory Will is a Will made on behalf of a someone who can no longer make a Will for themselves, because they are too unwell and can no longer make decisions about this type of thing. It is an application by someone to the Court of Protection, on behalf of the person who is unwell.

It is also possible to make an application for a Statutory Will to change someone’s Will, if they can’t change it themselves and you believe that they would want to.