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We are a specialist private client firm and so work with a number of other solicitors who specialise in areas such as conveyancing, divorce law, business law, and more.

This means that you may call us for any legal matter and if we can’t help you personally, then we will know someone who can. As well as having a number of super legal contacts throughout the UK and abroad, our Director Rachel is also the Secretary to the Yorkshire Sole Practitioners’ Group and meets regularly with a wide range of other Yorkshire Solicitors.

We are also happy to work in conjunction with other solicitors, if you need us to, to achieve your overall aims.

Financial Advice

We can’t give you specific financial advice, but we can assist in providing general investment advice. What we aim to do is give you an overall picture of what is available and then discuss with you your aims and objectives, and how these might be achieved.

This may mean taking simple tax-planning measures which do not affect the investments you already have in place. Or, it may mean carrying out lifetime restructuring – it will be up to you how you wish to deal with the matter.

We are always happy to liaise with your appointed financial advisor or refer you to a financial advisor, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, to assist you further.

Life insurance

As part and parcel of planning for your future, you may want to speak to someone about life insurance.

Life insurance generally pays out a lump sum of money to your estate or loved ones, if you fall ill or die. This lump sum can then be used by your family to pay off a mortgage, or to to help with general expenses.

Insurance is also particularly useful for business owners, as it can provide the funds needed to ensure the survival of the business, if you fall ill and can’t go into work for any length of time.

If you need any advice about these things, please call us and we can refer you to someone who can help.

Health insurance

Health and dental insurance can give you peace of mind should you or your family fall ill. Getting the best quality care at a difficult time can make the world of difference.

We can arrange for someone to visit you at home for a no-obligation discussion about what your options are.

Accountancy Advice

We have a number of expert and trusted accountants and bookkeepers in our fold, should you need specialist tax or accountancy advice.

They are ready and waiting to help, so please just get in touch.