Lorraine Williams

Business Process Developer and EA to Owner

Lorraine Williams 1

Lorraine has worked in the legal industry for nearly 25 years.  Starting out as a Secretary, HR Trainer, Legal Accounts Consultant, Scripting Consultant, Software Analyst, Business Process Developer and as a Test Analyst.

Lorraine has extensive experience of bespoke software development, testing, and training. She has qualified as a Certified Training Practitioner (CTP – CIPD) and recently qualified as a ISTQB Certified Tester.

Lorraine has known Rachel Roche for over 20 years and will be supporting Roche Legal as an Executive Assistant to Rachel, the owner, and as a Business Process Developer to Roche Legal’s software systems.

Outside of work Lorraine enjoys baking her daughter’s requested birthday cake ideas and travelling to the Channel Islands where she got married.

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