Court of Protection Disagreements

Unfortunately, not all Court of Protection applications run smoothly. Occasionally there are disagreements between family members or friends over who should be appointed as deputy.

Our solicitors have experience in successfully defending complex contested Deputy applications at the Court of Protection. If you find yourself in this situation, we can be on hand to answer your questions, gather your case together and, if necessary, accompany you to the hearing.

We may also be able to help if you would like to contest an application that is being made on behalf of someone close to you.

What if you’re unhappy with an application that’s already been granted?

If someone close to you has already had a deputy appointed and you don’t believe their deputy is acting in their best interest, there may be something you can do. We can talk through the situation and advise on whether you have a case.

Get the legal advice you need

Dealing with legal issues can be confusing and stressful. We understand this, and we’re always on hand to untangle jargon and offer support.

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