Legal Dispute Enquiries

Enquire about Disputes.

We’re on your side

Legal disagreements can be very difficult to navigate, especially when they occur during emotionally charged periods. Our specialist dispute solicitors understand this and will do everything they can to make the situation feel manageable.

We can support you with:

Understanding where you stand legally with a Will you’re not happy with.
Exploring whether or not a Will is valid.
Audits of paperwork and legal documents.
Investigating whether there might be a case for an inheritance claim.
Mediating a dispute.
Determining the best cause of action to support a vulnerable loved one.
Considering whether you have a case that needs involvement from the Court of Protection.
Supporting you with disputes involving executors, trustees, attorneys or deputies.

Whatever the situation, we’re on hand to support you in finding a resolution that’s in everyone’s best interest.

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