We are now offering Guaranteed Prepaid Funerals

Many people choose to put their funeral wishes in their Will, but there is no guarantee that by doing this your wishes will be carried out.

  • It is not always the case that your executors will see the Will before the funeral takes place
  • Funeral wishes in your Will are not legally binding
  • Your personal representatives may not be able to promptly access funds that you have earmarked for funeral expenses
  • The amount you have put aside may not be enough to cover the cost of your funeral

With a Guaranteed Prepaid Funeral, you choose every aspect of your funeral and can plan it in as much or as little detail as you like. This means that your personal representatives will not have to worry about whether their preparations fit with your wishes.

Furthermore, when the arrangements are put in place, the funeral directors will need to be paid promptly. Sometimes this can be difficult as it can take time to obtain the Grant of Administration which allows your personal representatives or family to access your money.

With a Guaranteed Prepaid Funeral, not only will this save your administrators the time and worry of making sure that your wishes are carried out, it also means that the cost is paid before you die so that your personal representatives or family members will not have to pay any additional sums when the time comes.

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