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How to sign your Lasting Power of Attorney

Please read this carefully and ensure that you follow the order below. LPAs have a strict signing order and if this is not followed, then your application for registration may be rejected.

How to sign your Lasting Power of Attorney 1

1. Read the LPAs carefully

  • Check that all names, dates of birth and addresses are correct.
  • N.B., we have input the addresses as they appear on the Royal Mail website, which is what the Office of the Public Guardian requires.
  • Please contact us if there are any amendments required to the LPAs, BEFORE undertaking any of the following steps.

2. Find two witnesses

  • The witness must be at least 18 years old and entirely independent – i.e. not anyone who is a party to the LPAs or a member of their family. A neighbour or work colleague is usually ideal, so long as they are not themselves a party to the LPAs.
  • The witness can be the same person as your Certificate Provider.
  • You and the witness must stay together for the following three steps.
  • Please write using ink or ballpoint (a biro is fine), but not pencil.

3. You sign the LPAs

  • For Health & Welfare only, choose your preferred option on page 6. Sign and date in the box under the relevant option.
  • For both LPAs, sign and date the LPAs where indicated on page 10.
  • You must sign your LPAs before your witness signs it.

4. The witness signs the LPAs

  • For Health & Welfare only, the witness signs underneath your signature on page 6.
  • For both LPAs, the witness signs both LPAs where indicated filling in their full name (not just initial) and address where shown. Please ask your witness to write in capitals.

5. Section 15

  • Please sign but do not date page 20 of both LPAs.
  • We will add the date on the day we send the LPAs for registration.

6. Continuation Sheet

Please sign and date the page headed “continuation sheet 1/2/3/4” at the back of both LPAs.

7. Certificate Provider

  • Your Certificate Provider is next to sign the LPAs.
  • They must read page 11 thoroughly prior to signing.
  • They must then sign and date where indicated at the bottom of page 11.

8. If you are each other’s Attorneys (for couples)

  • After the Certificate Provider has signed and dated the LPAs, you can sign and date each other’s LPAs as Attorney on page 12.

Do Not

  • Attach anything to the LPAs.
  • Damage your LPAs in any way or take them apart (e.g. by tearing, writing on it or taking the treasury tags out).

Please return the LPAs to Roche Legal 4 Westfield House, Millfield Lane, York YO26 6GA by secure post. We will then proceed with the rest of the signing and registration process.

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