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How to Sign Your Will

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1. Find two witnesses

  • The witnesses should be at least 18 years old and entirely independent – i.e. not a family member or anyone mentioned in the Will. A neighbour or work colleague is usually ideal, so long as they are not themselves mentioned in the Will.
  • The witnesses, their spouses / civil partners should not benefit from your Will in any way (they will lose this benefit if they act as one of your witnesses). In most cases, whilst an executor can witness your Will we do not recommend it.
  • You and the two witnesses must all stay together for the remaining steps.
  • Please write using ink or ballpoint (a biro is fine), but not pencil.

2. Check the Will

  • Read the Will through and check that it fully reflects your instructions and wishes.
  • Make sure that you understand your Will and the effect it will have.
  • By returning your signed Will to us, you are confirming that you have read, understood and approved the terms of the Will.

3. You sign the Will

  • Sign the Will where indicated (in the space above where the witnesses sign).
  • You must sign your Will before your witnesses sign it.

4. The witnesses both sign the Will

  • The witnesses both sign the Will where indicated filling in their full names (in capital letters), addresses and occupations where shown.

5. Date the Will

  • Write the date (day and month) on the top back page of the Will where indicated.
  • Please also write the date where shown above where you have signed the Will in the space provided

Do not

  • Attach anything to your Will (e.g. do not attach a covering letter to us with a paperclip or staple).
  • Damage your Will in any way or take it apart (e.g. by tearing, writing on it or taking the staple out). Please note that the back page of the Will is supposed to be facing outwards.

Where possible, we like the check that the Will has been signed and witnessed correctly before it is returned to us in the post (see below). Please therefore scan and send the Will to us by email for checking. We will then confirm that the Will has been signed correctly (or whether there are any issues) before you return the Will to us in the post.

Returning the Will via post

Please return your Will via secure post to:

Roche Legal
4 Westfield House,
Millfield Lane,
YO26 6GA

We will then store your Will and register it with Certainty, the National Will Register and Will search service free of charge. We will provide you with a copy of your signed Will and Certainty certificate.

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