Contested Probate

Not all estate administration is straight forward. In some cases there are disagreements between executors or family members about how assets should be dealt with.

Disputes can arise when there is concern that:

  • An estate has been mismanaged
  • Family members or loved ones have been left out of a Will
  • The person who made the Will did not have sufficient mental capacity
  • The person who made the Will was being put under pressure to make it
  • Family members or loved ones have been made promises that have not been honoured in the Will (this is called equitable estoppel)
  • It is believed that the Will is a forgery
  • Family members are considering contesting the Will and making a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975

What can I do in this situation?

In these situations the best case of action is usually to get a solicitor involved. We will be able to support you through what is often a very difficult time by acting in your best interests and working to get the issue resolved.

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