Dignity Action Day with Bluebird Care

At Roche Legal, we believe that everyone should have a right to dignity, whatever stage of life they’re at, and whatever support or care they may require. This is something that we work hard to uphold ourselves, especially when working with individuals from more vulnerable groups. 

Whether working with elderly clients, disabled clients, clients dealing with mental illness or clients who may be going through a particularly challenging time, we always do our upmost to show compassion and understanding. We’ve also put a great deal of thought into our working processes and the legal resources we offer to ensure that our services are as clear and accessible as possible. If you think you may find it challenging to work with a solicitor for any reason, please get in touch and we will do our very best to support you.

The 1st February 2023 marks Dignity Action Day. This annual awareness event is organised by the National Dignity Council, who campaign for access to dignity as a human right for all. 

On Dignity Action Day, health and social workers are invited to highlight the importance of dignity in their workplaces, while members of the public are invited to do the same within their communities. Together, we can work to ensure that everyone receiving care can be empowered to make their own choices, control their own lives and be respected as the individuals they are.

As this is something we work to promote all year round, we wanted to do something special to mark Dignity Action Day. To do this, we’ve teamed up with Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees, another Yorkshire business who puts dignity and respect at the heart of everything they do. 

Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees are an award-winning home care company who offer an entirely person-centred service. Every member of their team is certified by the Dignity in Action Campaign as a Dignity Champion, and this is something that, like us, they work to uphold every day of the year. 

Together, we will be hosting a Dignity Action Day afternoon tea between 12 and 2pm on the 14th February. We invite you to join us for a cup of tea and a sweet treat to hear more about how both Roche Legal and Bluebird Care work to uphold the dignity of all the people we work with.

If you’d like to join us for afternoon tea, please claim your free place now by booking a ticket on Eventbrite here.

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