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Need to brush up on your legal terminology? Here we have created a full glossary of the legal terms you’re likely to come across during the process of working with us.

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There are currently 9 legal terms in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Deed of Name Change
A legal document made to confirm a change of name.
Deed of Partial Revocation
A legal document made by a donor to remove an Attorney from a Power of Attorney without revoking the rest of the Power of Attorney.
Deed of Variation
A legal document that allows a beneficiary to redirect all or part of their inheritance to the other beneficiaries of the estate.
Someone against whom a claim is being made, or who is asking a court to make a different decision.
A person appointed by the Court of Protection to make decisions and act on behalf of someone who no longer has the capacity to make decisions for themselves.
Digital assets
Digital belongings such as photos, files, graphics, cryptocurrency and accounts.
Discretionary trust
A trust where none of the beneficiaries have an automatic right to any of the assets. Instead, the trustees will decide when to distribute assets or income from the trust, and how much a beneficiary will receive, if anything.
The country that an individual is considered to reside in by law.
Someone who makes a Power of Attorney.
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