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Need to brush up on your legal terminology? Here we have created a full glossary of the legal terms you’re likely to come across during the process of working with us.

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There are currently 4 legal terms in this directory beginning with the letter F.
Fiduciary duty
The duty imposed on a person in a fiduciary relationship with another (such as a trustee or agent). A fiduciary duty is the legal duty to act in the best interest of another and exercise the highest standard of care. The fiduciary duty means guardians must not take advantage of their position, put themselves in a position where their personal interests conflict with their duties or accept commission from a third party transaction.
The formal process of sending a claim to a court for them to deal with.
Filing an application at the court
Giving the application and related papers to the court for placing on the court record.
Fraudulent calumny
Illegally influencing a testator to cut someone out of their Will by telling them untruths about that person.
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