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Need to brush up on your legal terminology? Here we have created a full glossary of the legal terms you’re likely to come across during the process of working with us.

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There are currently 13 legal terms in this directory beginning with the letter P.
All people or organisations that are involved in a claim.
Someone about whom the Court of Protection is being asked to make a decision.
People to be served/notified
A strict list of people who must be served with and/or notified of any application that is made to a court.
Personal representative
The person (or people) who will deal with the legal formalities of an estate. They will assess assets and liabilities, make sure any taxes are paid and distribute the estate. They can also be referred to as executors (if they have been appointed in a Will) or administrators (if they are administering an estate without a Will).
Potential beneficiary
Someone who is named in a trust (or falls into a particular category of people who are named in the trust ' e.g. 'grandchildren') and may receive something, but is not guaranteed or entitled to anything.
Power of Attorney
A legal document that allows an individual to appoint someone else (or a group of people) to make decisions on their behalf should they lose mental capacity.
Power reserved
When one or more personal representatives do not want to act on behalf of an estate at present but want to retain the option to act in the future.
Practice direction
A statement connected to the rules about court procedure. It sets out further detail and provides greater clarity about a specific procedure to be followed in a case. Practice directions are issued by the head of the court or division relate.
Presumption of death
A declaration made by the High Court that someone is more likely than not to have died. This declaration can be made when someone has been missing for more than seven years, or when there is a clear reason to believe they are no longer alive.
A legal grant issued by the Probate Registry confirming that the executors have the authority to deal with the testator's estate. The term 'probate' is also often used to refer to the process of winding up an estate and applying for a grant.
All the paperwork and procedure that applies to any claim once it is in the hands of a court.
Proprietary estoppel
A legal term to describe a situation where a promise about a Will, which has been relied on, has been broken.
Public Guardian
The Public Guardian is appointed by the Lord Chancellor under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Supported by an Office (OPG), the Public Guardian registers all lasting and enduring powers of attorney and supervises deputies appointed by the Court of Protection thereby protecting people in England and Wales who lack capacity to make certain decisions for themselves. Under the Act, the Public Guardian is given duties which include to maintaining a register of guardians, supervising guardians, and responding to concerns about the actions of guardians.
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