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Need to brush up on your legal terminology? Here we have created a full glossary of the legal terms you’re likely to come across during the process of working with us.

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There are currently 7 legal terms in this directory beginning with the letter G.
General Powers of Attorney
A type of power of attorney that allows an individual to delegate all their functions to an attorney, a group of attorneys or a corporate body.
An item or benefit given willingly to someone without payment or other consideration.
Give, devise and bequeath
A formal way of saying a testator gives something to someone in its entirety with no restrictions.
Grant of Representation
A collective term used to refer both to grants of probate (in cases where there is a Will) and grants of administration (in cases where there isn't a Will).
Guardian (children)
A person who is appointed in a Will or by the Court to care for a child after the death of their parents.
Guardian (missing person)
A person who has been appointed by the Court to look after a missing person's property and finances whilst they are missing.
Guardianship Act 2017
The law that allows someone to be appointed as a guardian on behalf of a close family member who has been missing for more than 90 days.
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